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Join DJ Joe during the week around Bourne for entertaining Music Bingo 

Bring friends and play as a team or against each other or come alone and meet some new friends

Not a Bingo fan - come and listen to the music


Every Wednesday Night

The fun starts at 7:00 pm

Get there early and order dinner 

Bridge View Grill 

109 Trowbridge Road, Bourne


Every Thursday Night -Join DJ Joe for Music Bingo

Come early to secure a table and get dinner

Fun starts at 6:00 pm

Canal Cafe 

71 Cranberry HIghway, Sagamore

In Tune Productions is working on new locations for In Tune Trivia and In Tune Musical Bingo

please "like" our facebook page to receive updates.

If you own or manage a business that would like to talk further about having Music Bingo or Music Trivia in your establishment please call Linda 508-280-9931 or email

We look forward to hosting In Tune Trivia or Music Bingo near you soon.

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